Benefits Of Using Managed File Transfer




Going beyond the scripts and applications you lovingly set up to carry your data around is terrifying, but like removing a bird out of the nest, it becomes essential. Instead of sending data in the clear and constantly adjusting scripts, or rushing to compile audit logs, opt for an encrypted file transfer system that handles the difficult stuff.

Maybe you've considered a few alternatives to the current transfer process and concluded that managed file transfers (MFT) is the right one. Perhaps you're still considering a different approach and MFT either way, read on to discover why MFT can benefit organizations more than any other enterprise alternative for file transfer.

What is managed file transfer?

Secure data movement is at the heart of managed file transfers (MFT). MFT uses protocols for file transfer (like HTTPS or SFTP) and encryption standards to address the requirements of both the outbound and inbound transfer of files. Through automating, centralizing and streamlining transfers, managed file transfer software solutions give organizations a leg up over other methods of file transfer and simplify all sorts of data movement.

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What are the advantages of MFT?

MFT is a valuable option for companies in all industries. MFT benefits are universally applicable to all industries as well as companies, but certain MFT advantages can be tailored to specific compliance requirements or specific needs of your company.

Better Cybersecurity

Protecting data is paramount to every organization. It doesn't matter if it's personal data of users as well as credit card data or sensitive proprietary material companies have a reason to keep that information safe.

Managed file transfer can beef up an organization's cybersecurity by securing file transfers both inside as well as outside of the organization. MFT is more than sending files between systems or users safely. Numerous features and modules included in many software tools can be used to automate processes and provide secure connections. You can also track the activity of file transfers.

Strong encryption

MFT can scale easily to meet the needs of file transfers of any company regardless of how many files they transfer each week or each day. MFT secures and compresses your files while in transit and while in storage by using several industry standard techniques for protecting your data, including Open PGP, AES, SSL, and SSH.



Improved File Transfers

Forget custom scripts, desktop applications, and failed file transfers. With the correct MFT software you can put these things behind: create, test, and automate file transfers from one easy-to-use interface.

Automating the process of creating audit logs can aid in reducing the burden when you have lots of files to process each day. A managed mobile phone file transfer solution will allow you to track all files moving across the system and who's editing, examining and transmitting them. Many even notify you of unsuccessful transfers of files, as well as auto-retriesso that you don't have to waste trying to figure out why files didn't reach their destination.

MFT is an ideal solution for companies that require secure transfer of large files. Some MFT solutions include an acceleration protocol for file transfers and some allow you to attach any size file in an email. The software willsend the recipient an encrypted hyperlink to the information and allow them to download the message and files and you can monitor who's viewing the information, and the number of times it's been downloaded. This is the fastest way to access send large files from your smartphone.

Free vs. Paid

Open source and free options for file sharing are available to any budget, at least in the beginning. They're well-known and do the job, but they don't always offer the best security and they aren't equipped with features that can help you work more efficiently including the ability to automate, intuitive interfaces and streamlined workflows.

And while free software saves the user money upfront, the potential cost of a data breach rarely fits your budget. Make sure you are using a secure software from the start to avoid costly mistakes.

It is easy to meet the requirements for compliance

Encrypting your file transfers is essential for compliance with current and emerging privacy laws, industry-specific compliance requirements, and regulations intended to protect personal data in high-risk industries such as healthcare and retail. The difficulty of transferring large files from mobile devices led to the creation of film fly.

MFT offers organizations more than just encryption. It also offers monitoring of auditing, tracking and monitoring. With just a few mouse clicks you can quickly get reports about movements and access to data either in the PDF or CSV format.


Control every aspect of your file transfers from one centralized location. You can manage all aspects of your transfer process from one central interface.