How Do I Play 2048, A Puzzle Game


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How to play 2048 game among the most addicting puzzle games to score higher scores in this most entertaining and fun puzzle game on markets that include Apple, Windows and Galaxy.

2048 is a brain playing game that teases. It is fun to play. The puzzle game 2048 is loved by everyone of all ages. You can download the app 2048 from any store for free to start or even inspire your children to play this puzzle game.

The objective of the 2048 game player is to achieve the highest scores by joining tiles with identical numbers to get higher numbers.

In 2048, players can join tiles with 2 and 2 on them to form a tile which contains 4. If you have 32 tiles, you could as well join a tile having 16 tiles on it, and another tile that is similar to it.

The tile number 2048 is the winning tile of the addictive game. To beat 2048 players have to join two tiles with 1024 tiles in order to win. Due to my experience in playing games with 2048 for the last month, I'm aware that there is no way to make it to 2048 and not continue to play the 2048. The game continues after 2048 tile is formed. This game is a great method to test your mind to solve problems. Try to solve as many puzzles as you can.

Rules for the 2048 Puzzle Game

The rules for 2048's game are easy to follow.

1) 2048 puzzle game is played on a board of 4x4 squares game board. There are many variations of 2048's game board, including 5x5, 6x6, and so on. However, the original 2048 game online, is shipped with a 16x4 4x4 game board.



2.) When you play a swipe on the tiles, if possible every tile on the board will move as many squares ahead in the same direction of your move.

3.) When two tiles of the same number collide, the tiles will merge or join to form one tile. The number of the new tile represents the total or twice of the colliding tiles.

4.) The computer places a new tile on the board with the numbers 2 or 4.

5) The arrangement of the new tiles which are added on the board after the player moves is randomly determined. If the board's borders are not filled then the tiles are placed initially on a square that is at the edge of it.

The end of the Game 2048

So long as there's enough room on the board to place an additional tile, the player is able to continue playing the 2048 puzzle. The player loses the game if all tiles are used by tiles that fail to connect with their neighbours (in two directions, left-to-right or top-to-bottom),

All tiles on the board are either 2 or the power of 2 like numbers 2,4,8,16,32,64,128,256,512,1024 and 2048.

The puzzle solver can continue creating 2048 tiles by mixing two tiles with a 1024 size.

It's possible to make tiles that have numbers 4096, 8192 and 16384 too. It's unclear what is the maximum number of tiles that can be constructed on a 4x4 game board.

Strategies for 2048 Gaming Players

8192 is an excellent score to strive for, as shown in the screenshot above 2048 online that is my best score so far. You can find my tips and strategies for the 2048's puzzle game.

My advice for the 2048 tutorial will assist you in achieving better scores.

Utilize the Web Browser to play 2048 games online

The 2048 game is accessible on the internet. Online players can play 2048 via the internet using an internet browser. Instead of using your fingers to navigate, you can use your keyboard's arrow keys for navigation. Swiping on a smartphone's screen or tablet PC can provide the best gaming experience in 2048 games. The keyboard's fumbling will be a bore after half an hour of games with thousands of people in the game's score. You can play games with 2048 levels of addictiveness on your smartphone and not think about how long you've been playing.