How To Choose The Right Biocide



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When selecting biocide company It is crucial to take into consideration the entire spectrum. The characteristics of a microbial community could be indicative of their environment. A bacterium that is present in cooling water can be the initial sign of the start of the process. Temperature, sterilization techniques materials for equipment and the environment can influence the variety of bacteria that flourish, and also the potential risk to equipment quality and the security of health for humans.

Biocides are used to prevent the growth of bacterial, break up biofilms, and filter water to prevent the formation of sediment and deposits. It is important to consider the following factors in order to choose the most effective non-oxidizing biocides.

Food and beverage businesses that function as an extension of dairy farms often make use of recovered condensate of whey (COW) water to make the cooling systems, to reduce water consumption and save money.

A Case Study of Dairy How an IROBiocide client eliminated shut-downs and generated more revenue

IROBiocide worked on a dairy which used COW water in its cooling tower. To get rid of the biofilm the dairy needed to shut down its whey powder production line at least twice a year.

COW water is an obvious cause of the slime build-upbecause cow water contains the nutrients that encourage bacteria growth. IROBiocide experts looked over the entire facility and found that the issue was the result of the lactose drying unit that is located close to the cooling tower. The dryer blows lactose-related sugars into the air, and the sugars, when paired with COW water, created an environment that allowed bacteria to thrive. If you prefer additional resources on chemical substance, browse this site.

IROBiocide has implemented a water-management program that uses chlorine dioxide to degrade make-up water, and then transform into biofilm. The facility has had zero closures over the course of a year. Reducing downtime for the facility has resulted in lower cost of maintenance and higher revenue.

Determine. Check. Inspect.

IROBiocide suggests that you examine the environment before developing the biocide treatment strategy. Examine the area for iron, sulfate, and other nutrients as needed, and test the level of contamination present in the water that is used for bulk. This can help determine the system's condition and how much water to make use of.

It is crucial for the system to adapt to the new regimen of treatment once it is implemented. The treatment plan is repeated to verify that it is working or to make adjustments.

The best biocide manufacturer can lower your costs and decrease downtime. Do you have the best Biocide in your plant? Call an IROBiocide representative to get an assessment for free.