Six Ways Automation And AI Are Altering The Way That Service Desks Function


artificial intelligence


Because AI is able to be applied correctly, it will simultaneously allow for "holy trinity", which is better, faster and cheaper, AI is a game changer. It's not just about choosing one or the other.

Intelligent service desk technology will achieve the same results like a human, but within the quick blink of an eye. Transaction costs can be reduced to a minimum, with virtually no human labor costs (after initial setting up). And with people removed from the process of delivery The possibility of human error is dramatically diminished. AI produces results that are constant and accurate. It is also efficient and more effective over time.

AI Use Cases for the Service Desk

There are a growing amount of AI and automation-related use cases which are gaining mainstream traction across IT Service Desk across the globe. These are real-world applications of AI and intelligent automation that our customers are using to improve the experience of employees while also increasing the overall performance of their IT Support groups.

AI Chatbots Provide Virtual Service Agents (VSAs),

Chatbot-driven virtual service agents provide automated, 24-hour first-contact support for employees. They usually handle basic questions, service requests, or information queries. It can be used as a chat that is text-based or a voice-driven interface. Through the integration chatbot, it can tap into the FAQs, service catalogs as well as service status information. the knowledge base and other information that is in the assyst CMDB. Integration with other platforms, like Microsoft Teams, is possible.

AI-Driven Insights to Improve Delivery Teams

The assyst InfoZone is an intelligent assistant for delivery team members which is part of the assyst ITSM Solution, is the assyst InfoZone. It functions as a record-mining agent that performs real-time analysis of historical records to discover solutions and provide assyst users with the information they require, when they require it. The InfoZone reacts to the context of the user to present relevant information on the fly.



Automated Detect and Repair Resilient Infrastructure

The ai for itsm agents typically work for a long time handling incidents which can be both automatically detected and resolved in a timely manner. AI-powered event management can allow assyst to spot infrastructure issues in real-time and then start automated resolution workflows that resolve the issue prior to when IT customers are disrupted. AI excels in this particular area since it can process more information than humans could handle, and it is much more fast than a human could.

Intelligent Ticket Handling

The manual process of routing issues to teams is inefficient and could lead to errors. When there is an enormous backlog of tickets there can be a long wait or even days before a ticket can be directed to the right team or specialist for the appropriate action. In the meantime, the customer is waiting for the ticket to be processed and could be losing efficiency.

Trend identification and decision support

AIs excel in mining data for valuable insight. They are able to connect the dots of a multitude of data points to quickly analyse diverse and rich data sets. Deep analytics is possible by using AI. It was once too complicated or laborious.

AI-Assisted Knowledge Management

It's often difficult for service desk agents and other IT subject experts to find time to produce the knowledge assets that users require to help them self-solve issues. It's a trap; they're too involved in fighting fires to take a break and collect the knowledge needed to in putting an end to the fighting.