These are the top five Motives to Rent Self-Storage Units



The Canada has witnessed a huge growth in self-storage in the last 10 years. Simple demand and supply are the primary reasons. The lives of people change and they require storage for their belongings either for a short period or forever. Below, we'll discuss the top five reasons Americans are renting more storage units than ever.


Many people are moving out of large houses to smaller ones, whether it is for their children going off to college or for other life events such as the loss of a job. This means that you have to make a decision about all your stuff. Some choose to part with their extra belongings at garage sales or donating them to charity, others are deciding to store at least a small portion of their belongings stored in lockers. They can remove the items from storage once they move into a larger home or to give them to family members.

The Vagabond Lifestyle

Nowadays, Americans are more likely to travel abroad. Whatever the reason, whether for work or pleasure, it's the new normal to take more time away from the house. According to the Global Business Travel Association, 488 million business travel takes place each year in the US. Instead of putting things away for extended periods of time, people prefer to store their belongings in storage units. This offers them the safety they require and the ease of access they want.



Seasonal Storage Needs

Decorating for holidays is becoming a more popular trend. That means there are numerous decorations that must be stored for decorating your home. The majority of people opt to lease storage spaces to keep these extra things. This is true for items in the garden like outdoor furniture, firepits umbrellas , and outdoor bars. To prolong the life of these items, placing them in a climate controlled storage units maintains them at a temperature that is controlled.


We're a nation of collectors. In a sense, we are all collectors of some sort which includes photographs, tickets for ballgames, children's drawings or baseball cards, stamps or books. People collect these items for fun, whether it be to relive nostalgic memories, or because they're a fan. People collect items to enhance their social lives by going to garage sales or swap meets to get to know like-minded people. All this collecting can result in the reduction in space within your garage, home or attic. This is when collectors turn to storage facilities. Melissa Rodgers, West Coast Self-Storage, Lake Oswego Oregon states that many of his clients are avid collectors. Melissa told me that one customer booked five storage units of 10x15 inches, each stuffed with collections.

Making Room

There is only so much items that can fit into a home before it starts to become cluttered and uncomfortable. While cleaning, there may be things that you don't think about getting away, but do not have the space to keep in your home. You can also put your things in a storage container. It will give you an organized, cleaner home while having the option to check out your possessions at any time you'd like.

Storage units can solve many of the space problems that individuals face. Rather than needing to dispose of their valuables and memorabilia, they can keep them safe and secure for long or short durations of time, and also create the extra space they need within their homes.

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