What Kind Of Gadget Women Can Use For Personal Protection?

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Were protection devices for women thought to be unsuitable? This could be the first thought that welled up your thoughts. Every woman is considered to be a Superwoman certainly beginning with being a daughter, to an autonomous woman, to being married and so on. And having a need for security isn't enough to prove that women are the weakest part of our community. Every day, newspapers are glutted with cases of rape, Eve-teasing molestation, domestic violence, and other such.

If we examine the figures; Nearly four out of five women (79 percent) in India have been through some form of intimidation or violence. At least 34,651 cases of rape were reported in India in the year 2000, according to The National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB). 70% of domestic violence victims are women. The majority of women have victims have reported assaults with acid. And this is the unspoken truth about our country. Women are a target for violence and every three minutes women are victimized and harassed, abused, or violated.

Pepper Spray

This is the most well-known security tool for women. Pepper spray is a chemical mixture that causes temporary blindness, tears, pain or discomfort in the eyes. If you feel something fishy around , grab your spray from your bag and just apply it to the face of your attacker The inflammatory effects of the spray cause the eyes to close, taking away vision and you'll get ample amount of time to rescue or call out for assistance.

Mobile Stun Guns

Mobile stun guns look like any other cell phones but do not function as an actual phone, but instead as a stun device. Stun guns are immobilizing protection devices that temporarily disable attackers by delivering an electric shock. These devices are extremely handy and do not resemble as a security device. High-voltage mobile phone stun guns provide you with the assistance of surprise and let you break free from any attack.

Telescopic Steel Baton

If someone is looking to cause trouble, you'll be able to find something for you. The telescopic, steel baton can be carried within the palm of your hand and is able to extend up to 26 inches or 16-21 inches. It is also able to be hidden effortlessly. With just a few clicks away, you'll have one of these two. One hit with these will get someone who is twice as strong. These can be used to both offensive and defensive use.



Kubotan Keychains

These strangely sounded key chains could actually break yours from your adversaries. Takayuki Kubota invented Kubotan keychains for protection of women. It is used as an unintentional weapon of martial arts however, it can also be employed for self-defense. It's about similar to a marker pen and is 5.5 inches in length. The barrel has six grooves with swivel attachments at each end and a variety of rings at the other end to hold keys.

Tactical Pen

One of the most useful female protection tools that isn't huge in size however it is a great tool for your security. The tactical pen is a hidden self- defense mechanism. It can be used to restrict or even incapacitate. Although it has a striking tip, but not enough sharp to inflict pain on the attacker, such a point is more effective. It's also not too heavy for you pocket. View self-defense for more info here about Stay Ready.

Monkey Fist Keychain Balls

A different range of keychains to aid in self-defense. It's as bizarre as its name suggests , however this small keychain will perform wonders when held in your hands. This keychain contains a 1inch steel ball that is wrapped in the high-quality cord. You can swing it , or throw it at your opponent or cause serious injuries. It is equipped with a string that gives it more velocity and grip.