4 Tips For Choosing The Most Effective Trade Show Booth Rental Booth Rental Company




Renting a trade show booth offers companies the appearance of a custom exhibit without the commitment to a long-term price. Some rental companies do not offer the same level service. It can prove costly to select the wrong exhibit company. An undesigned booth can hinder the goals of your program.

Don't let your business's trade show experience be hampered by bad design. Follow these tips to find the top booth rental for trade shows for your exhibition needs.

Look for Industry Experience

Trade shows can be excellent marketing tools, but only if the style of your booth is appealing. Look for companies that have proven results through their design and development.

While time is a crucial aspect of business however, it's not the only factor. It's important to inquire what number of shows produced by the business annually and the percentage of their revenue comes from repeat customers. A quality rental company entices customers to return -- not seek services elsewhere because their first design didn't meet objectives.

Get References & Portfolios

Contacting and making contact with references can give you key insights about exhibit rental companies. Here are some helpful tips for interacting with clients.



Did the exhibitor adhere to the budget and deadline?

What was their strategy for any problems that arose in the course of design.

What type of customer service were they able to provide?

The reliability of a rental firm is determined by the client's experience in the past.

Explore the website of the exhibit maker as well. Do they have pictures of their work? Their portfolios will demonstrate their skills and will let you know if they are capable of producing the kind of exhibit you're looking for based on your objectives for marketing.

Know the location where your booth will be constructed and designed.

Exhibit designers who do not have facilities for design and manufacturing should be avoided. They often subcontract work. It is difficult to determine who's actually creating your booth. When researching trade, request an onsite meeting. This lets you meet the people who will create and construct your rental display.

Get great customer service

It's not a good idea to think that you're receiving "just a rental" when speaking with design companies. You shouldn't let renting affect the high quality of your work or the customer service. Any business that doesn't respect you or take your needs seriously must be removed. A focus on customer service means the design firm will be easy to work with and be a key player in your INFOCOMM tradeshow Display rentals success.

You may not be able to rent a booth from some exhibit design companies. At Eldsusa we provide the same amount of attention to detail and customisation in our rental exhibits as those being purchased.