Benefits Of Using Neon Signs


neon signs


Since the beginning of time the neon sign has been a hugely well-known tool for marketing and decoration. Whether used in business and advertising or as a form of decoration for homes Neon signs continue to amaze and delight consumers even to this day. Here are a few of the many benefits of using neon signs. To find out more details about neondirect, you have to check out site.

High Visibility

Neon signs are popular among people due to their capability to be noticed and make an impact. Contrary to other lighting sources like LED signs that are directional light sources, neon signs provide 360-degree illumination. Because they are so visible from a distance, it's possible to clearly see them. The distance to which your sign will be visible will vary depending on the size of the sign. In general, however, for each inch of letter height your sign will be visible over 30 feet away. Larger signs may even be visible at over 100 feet away.

More design freedom

Neon signs are very customizable. Neon signs are made by hand-bending the glass tubes using fire. The tubes can be bent into any shape. Professional Glass Benders can mould customized neon signs to a wide variety of styles to create the ideal image and look of any company. Additionally, you can find neon signs in a variety of shades that are as vibrant and as eye-catching as the eyes. Neon signposts are unique and are able to be personalized for every customer, in contrast to other lighting solutions that are mass-produced.



The importance of using energy-efficient products has increased over the last few years. Because neon is one the chemical elements with the highest concentration in the world and is extremely easy to use neon signs. Neon lights aren't like other lighting. They don't require filaments, so they require very little power and are cool to point of touch. Nearly half of neon lights consume less power than other lighting. Neon signs have a higher efficiency than conventional lights and assist in reducing your energy bill. Users can also add dimmers to neon signs in order to reduce energy consumption and boost efficiency.


They are extremely energy efficient which is why they generally have a long lifespan. Typically, neon lights last between five and ten years, and all sign components are able to be replaced or repaired. If properly maintained the neon sign could last for 15 to 20 years. The life span of neon signs may be affected by electrical and heat charges. This could require more frequent maintenance, like changing the power source. However, neon lights are far more cost-effective and require less upkeep. Other lighting options could require frequent replacement of bulbs over the course of a few years (or even months) but this isn't the case for fluorescent signs.