Five Tips For Smarter Living Human Immunodeficiency Virus Avoidance


Human Immunodeficiency Virus


HIV is one the most commonly transmitted sexually. The condition can be cured. This condition is passed on through the sharing of body fluids, most often in sexual interactions. Stone Mountain Oasis Healthcare Service, Inc. can provide the information you need to avoid the illness, even though it is difficult to treat when it has progressed. Prevention is better than cure. HIV prevention involves more than simply knowing about the rules. Being aware of the condition and its spread is crucial to stay safe. These secrets will help.

Knowing the risk that are involved

It is best to begin Human Immunodeficiency Virus prevention by getting the right information. Knowing what situations or activities can put you at risk is crucial. HIV is transmitted through the intimate contact of the breastmilk, blood, semen, rectal or pre-seminal fluid. The virus is usually spread through vaginal sex, sexual sex annal, or the sharing needles. There are times when a mother may pass the infection on to their baby during lactation or pregnancy. Kissing, using the same utensil, touching bodily fluids, getting mosquito bites and using drinking fountains will not result in HIV to multiply. Make sure you are aware of your behaviors that could raise your risk of HIV infection Click here for more information about Human Immunodeficiency Virus right now.

Make use of pre-exposure prophylaxis

Modern medical advances can decrease your chances of getting HIV by taking medications. It is possible to get antiretroviral drugs daily from your doctor. The medications have been proven to give you up to 99% of protection against HIV. An updated PrEP can also be administered via injections every 2 months. It eliminates the need for a daily dose. It is vital to discuss PrEP with your doctor if you are experiencing sexual activities.

Utilize Condoms

The use of condoms is an easy concept, yet many people are unaware of its significance. This is one of the most effective and unique security measures that simultaneously protect against STDs like Human Immunodeficiency Virus and unwanted pregnancies. These are impossible to achieve without any other means. Many people get lax in using condoms, and are at risk of being exposed to HIV. Condoms are offered for the vagina and penis.



There is no more sharing of Needles

According to research, the rate of Human Immunodeficiency Virus disease are higher among the people who inject drugs. First, drug abuse could cause you to make uninformed decision making, which puts you at a higher danger of Human Immunodeficiency Virus infection. Sharing of needles, which we have already mentioned, is a common way to spread the virus. It is however, it can be prevented. Both you and your companion could be at risk. A variety of government-sponsored programs can help you learn how to end your addiction as well as educate you on how to use needles safely if necessary. Speak to your doctor if you need assistance.

Preventive Measures After Exposure

Being infected with Human Immunodeficiency Virus isn't the end of the world. Acting quickly can help you protect yourself from HIV and prevent infection. Talk to your doctor whenever you've had condomless sex or engaged with other people who might have exposed you to the disease. It is possible to seek aid from your physician through the use of the post-exposure preventative (PEP). They are best started within the first 72 hours after exposure, or sooner. The earlier you seek help immediately after exposure the more beneficial.

HIV is preventable. For more information, contact the Oasis Health Care Services experts. Contact us or make an appointment online to receive more information if you suspect that you've been in the process of being exposed.