Eight Things You Must Know Before Buying A Pair Of Wireless Earbuds




Wireless earbuds, or truly wireless earphones as they are often referred to are all the rage right now. Every headphone manufacturer is rushing to get a pair on the market, and those manufacturers who don't have an item ready to market, are buying the generic versions and adding their branding just to make sure they don't fall behind.

Wireless earbuds may not be all the same. There are some excellent products out there, and there are some truly dreadful ones. It is possible to avoid the less reliable models and choose one you like by taking your time when you choose the right pair of. Earbuds are something we typically to use every day while driving to work or when exercising so it's worth investing in an excellent pair if you enjoy listening to audiobooks or music.


Although there are a few inexpensive wireless earbuds on the market, I would advise you to steer clear of these. High-end wireless earbuds of good quality don't sell at low prices. They require a top-quality Bluetooth chip, like the one from Qualcomm and batteries with high density to last longer than an hour. The best quality batteries don't always cost a lot, so you must be ready to pay enough to get an item of high-quality. If you really need to discover effective information about earbuds, you must browse around https://www.apnews.com/ website.


Find out which codes your favorite wireless earbuds work with. SBC is the sole one that works on most basic models. This codec doesn't support high resolution music and can frequently sound a bit flat due to its limited transmission speed. If you're an Apple user, you should whether the earbuds are compatible with AAC. Apple devices only support SBC as well as the better quality AAC therefore buying a pair of earbuds that support only SBC, aptX , or LDAC is an unnecessary expense. If you're an Android user then the world is your oyster. The most recent versions of Android support most Bluetooth audio codecs, including Hi-Res aptX HD. Hi-Res aptX HD codec, which sounds spectacular.


It is among the most important parts of an earbuds pair. The ear-tips of silicone that are either too small or too shallow won't form a decent seal against your ear canal , and you won't get the best audio quality, and you'll also be plagued by external noises that disrupt the music. Lack of a sealing is the primary reason why I'm not a fan of Apple's AirPods.



Battery Life

A majority of manufacturers of wireless earbuds offer a play time of three to five hours. You can expect to get about 20% less than the quoted time during actual usage. After the battery is consumed, put the earbuds back into their case for charging to recharge their capacity making use of the power source in the charging case.


Higher-end models of wireless earbuds have control buttons or pads on the earpieces that you can use to boost volume, skip a track, issue voice commands or make calls from your phone. Earbuds with wireless that are less costly usually don't have any controls. That means you'll need your phone close by to adjust the volume or skip a track.

Noise Canceling

Wireless earbuds could have a noise-canceling function which reduces the sound produced by airplane engines and the clickety-clacking of railway tracks. The circuitry that is used to cancel noise could eat batteries, meaning you shouldn't expect long listening times. Additionally, the earpieces might be quite bulky to accommodate the bigger batteries.

Charging Case

Wireless headphones should include an charging case. It's the part that stores and charges wireless earbuds. The case needs to be sturdy if you're planning to take the earbuds around with you.


All wireless earbuds are not made equal in terms of volume levels. Some earbuds need to be turned up to the maximum volume, while others will provide sufficient volume by setting the volume to 50%. You can test a couple of models at the audio shop by looking at the volume levels. Wireless earbuds cannot be set to max volume unlike wired earbuds which can be connected to an portable amplifier.

Earphones are great for exercise or for listening to music without those cables that connect every earbud. They're great for those who are constantly moving and don't need any cables. However, the drawback is the battery's life span and how they fit. Before you buy one, go through my checklist here and audition from a shortlist. Happy listening.