How-To Pick A Household Pest Elimination Company


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Although we all love animals by nature but that doesn't mean that we'd like to live in the same space as them. It's alarming to spot signs of a pest problem. The scratching on the walls, the droppings left behind - it isn't just gross; it can be dangerous and unhealthy. It is best to take preventive measures as a method to rid yourself of bugs. But, you don't wish to spray your home pets, children and pets with chemical substances. The positive side is that there are a variety of ways to control pests that are not only humane; they are completely non-toxic and free of pesticides. You just have to know which company.

Find a Comprehensive Service

Certain companies will simply show up and spray chemicals all around to provide a barrier against pests. This kind of service does not always resolve the problem. There's a good chance that there are entry points into your home that let pests gain entry. You must find these vulnerabilities to get rid of the issue. Following that, make sure that access is restricted to ensure that they don't be able to return.

Pesticides - The Last Resort

We recognize that pesticides might be required in certain situations but they could also be the best way to remove an issue in your home. But we are also a very environmentally-conscious company, so we consider the use of pesticides the last resort - not the first strike. We use only the safest and least toxic products available. If it does come to the point that we need to use something more powerful than we anticipated We will let you know, and then walk you through the reasoning.



Good Old Fashioned Investigation

One of the most crucial elements of pest control is an investigation to determine what your potential risks are at specific periods of the year. It is vital to determine which pest is most active at certain times of seasons to identify and control these pests. For example in Michigan, spiders, boxelder bugs, brown marmorated stink bugs, and cockroaches are more active during springtime. Being aware of what to look for in termites is essential. They can be extremely destructive and can be a threat to your foundation. Our expert team keeps watch during your annual service to identify signs of most active seasonal pests. We employ old-fashioned research tools like a flashlight together with our the experience and expertise, to spot the signs of existing or potential problems.

Reliability is the key!

You want someone to service your property every quarter when you hire pest control services. This can help to prevent pests from becoming an issue. But what about if they find an issue? You don't want to have to pay each time you need a little extra help. Find a firm that doesn't charge you a nickel and dimes. They should be on hand when you need them and not charge extra for any issues that occur. If their job is to ensure that your home is pest-free and the preventative measures don't perform, they must take steps to eliminate your home of these pests without costing you for the cost of a leg.

They have Special Services

Find pest proofing company which can take care of all of it. You may not have mosquito spraying, bed bugs or fleas in the monthly services you receive. However, you must to make sure the pest control firm you hire is able to manage them all. They must also be capable of handling wildlife issues. It's not logical to call four different companies to ensure your needs are being met.

If you're searching for a residential bug control company, you are looking for a service that employs the most secure, humane, and best preventative equipment available. You also want to know that they are taking responsibility for not only the here and now but also trying to keep your home secure for the long-term. At EssexPestcontrolandbirdcontrol, we go above and beyond to make sure that the only things living in your home are the animals that were invited and are loved. Contact us now to talk about how we can keep the pests away from your sanctuary!