Four Primary Advantages Of Online Fundraising




In the world of non-profit organizations, there's numerous options on methods to raise money. Although traditional methods or "offline" methods remain crucial, the rise of free fundraising platforms for individuals has provided an entirely new realm of fundraising options! Here are some reasons why we believe that an online platform is the most effective method to go. We have compiled our four main advantages compiled for you:

Extended reach

Online fundraising allows you to transcend geographical boundaries by generating pledges. You can use your email as well as multiple social media platforms to spread the message about your event in order to get more donors and to attract new supporters to create an atmosphere of competition or buzz among event attendees. The free fundraising platforms for individuals usually produces an increase in the amount of money given over traditional methods. Your online presence is enhanced Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver and also helps us spread our message.

Personal Account

Online fundraising offers you an opportunity to be the voice of your company on your social media. By adding pictures, personal messages and stories to your account, you're creating a personal appeal that creates a bridge to your supporters by telling them that "Big Brothers is significant to me and OUR community and this is the reason". This message is especially important when it comes from someone who is a volunteer, event participant or donor. It provides an objective perspective of our work and the values we hold as an organisation.



Cost effective collection

Planning an event can be expensive when you consider the printing and manpower costs that are related to making and disseminating offline donation materials such as pledge books, not to mention the staff time costs that are incurred while making pledges count and recount during and following the event. The online pledge process is practical and affordable, making it more cost effective in terms of both out of pocket costs and time. We at Big Brothers we aim to increase our profits at each event to assist more local children through our mentoring programs. We need your help to increase the amount we spend and boost our chances of success by signing up on our website now!

Ease & Convenience

Gone are the days where you were required to go door to door collecting pledges, and then keep them safe until your event. By signing up online, you reduce the chance of collecting large amounts of money. It is easy to track what has been pledged to you by your donors and you can record any donation that you receive. Click this link: xmalley for details.

If you have an online fundraising account, you will be able to effortlessly monitor your goals for yourself and your team's and progress on your personal page. When a donation is received, both an tax receipt (and a thank-you email) will be generated automatically. You can also alter your goals or messages and instantly update your entire group of donors about your achievements or team's information. This is an easy and efficient way for you to fundraise that reduces stress, frustration and your time commitment so that you can focus on what's really important......practicing your bowling skills for the big day!